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Branches can read branch news in this section.  The AAUW Ohio Board encourages branches to share successful programs, projects and collaborations. What worked for you; what can you pick up from others?  Use the Contact page to send us information to post or leave writing a comment in answer to a question posted on the Branches Sharing Ideas page.

Be An AAUW Ohio Officer

Join with other Ohio leaders to lead the collaboration of AAUW Ohio branches. Work with interesting and innovative people who want to move AAUW goals forward. Branches can nominate a candidate; individuals can apply for nomination. Requirements for eligibility are printed on page 3 of the AAUW Ohio Nomination Form 2019-2020. Download it here; request a call from someone on the committee who can talk with you about meetings and activities of the board. The form is due by December 15, 2019.

AAUW Ohio Members Were Inspired by Kendra Davis

Fall Summit 2019 and Kendra’s Discussion Slides

Kendra Davis, AAUW senior vice president for advancement and partnerships, pointed the way and reinforced steps in AAUW Ohio’s two-year strategic topic Women’s Economic Security/Pay Equity: Two Sides of the Same Coin as she spoke with members at the AAUW Ohio Fall Summit Saturday in Worthington.  Ohio’s plan is to use AAUW resources like the free Work Smart Online and AAUW’s research to raise consciousness and activate Ohioans to work together for pay equity as a way to ensure economic security.

Kendra celebrated AAUW’s 2019 successes: states passing fair pay laws, a new city partnership to train 10,000 women to negotiate, high attendance at NCCWSL, 1,200 media articles that reached more than 14 million people, and the big one–training  102,000 to negotiate by August 2019 to meet the Coca Cola challenge. She explained the new national 5 Star Recognition Program to help coordinate branch work with AAUW’s pillars for change: Education, Economic Security, Leadership. Read more and enter your branch accomplishments. The program ends in June, so don’t delay.

AAUW can respond quickly to current issues as they arise using monies in the Greatest Needs Fund.  Donors and branches wishing to move the drive for equity forward are urged to give to AAUW’s Greatest Needs Fund.

See Kendra’s presentation, Fall Summit Update from National Office.

The password-protected Branch Resources page contains more private information such as The Ohio Directory of Branch and State Officers, the AAUW Ohio Bylaws, and AAUW Ohio’s Policy BookRead more.

You Can Still Pay Membership Dues for 2019-2020

Become an Ohio member or join with a local branch. Either way, help our cause.

Dues payments were due by July 1.  You may Join anytime and pay your dues easily online.  Membership in AAUW Ohio is open to all AAUW national members whose home is in Ohio. Ohio has 28 local units called “branches.”  Read more on our Join page.

Branches: find the branch finance officer’s Guide to Paying Dues on the Branch Resources page. Find the Ohio Finance Officer’s mailing address in the AAUW Ohio Branch  & State Officers Directory, also on the Branch Resources page.

It’s Time to Update Your Branch Website

Middletown won the award last year for best website. Have a look then give it a try for your own site. Share your events with your community and keep your members involved. Post your events for the year on your website. While you are there, find the AAUW of Ohio link on the right side of the screen. Click on it to see if it takes you to this site. If not, read on for step by step instructions of how to update the link.

Update Your Website Link to AAUW Ohio

Here’s how to do it.

1. Log in to your website.

2. Find the black sidebar on the left. It says, “Dashboard” at the top. Read down to find the word, “Links” and click on it.

3. This opens a page with a list of links. Look for one that says, AAUW of Ohio and click on it.

4. You need to change the Web Address.

5. Click in the box and erase the old address.  Now, paste in the new web address

6. Click the blue Update button.  Congratulations; you’re done!

Log out and test your work.

Now that you can easily go to the new AAUW Ohio website, try the Branch Corner and the Branch Resources page. The Branch Resources  page is password-protected. Type the letters, aauwohmember, to access the page. This password is always listed at the top of the Orbit sidebar titled “How To Reach Us.”  You should find the Directory of Branch Officers and other helpful things on the Branch Resources page.

What Makes A Good Leader?

AAUW National asked AAUW’s members and supporters to share their perspectives on social media and via email about what makes a good leader as part of a regular feature called #AAUWAsks. We think they came up with a pretty awesome job description. Here’s a compilation of what they had to say:

A good leader …

  • Is willing to compromise and has empathy, intelligence, patience, confidence and humility.
  • Sees herself as an equal rather than a superior.
  • Absorbs the blame and shares the credit.
  • Listens to other people’s needs and acts only after they’ve heard everyone’s concerns.

When women are at the table, the conversation changes. Read more leadership perspectives on the national site.

Awards Forms for 2018-19 – Deadline Was February 20

AAUW Ohio presented branch awards earned during 2018-19 at the District Events beginning March 2 through June 8. The forms posted here are out of date, but will give you a general idea of requirements and deadlines.

Plan to apply next year. Download the applications for the

STARZ: The Starz Award recognizes branches for

  • accomplishments that advance AAUW goals and for
  • increasing communication between branches and the State Board and among branches.

To qualify for the upcoming 2019-20 Starz Award, your branch must have had a representative at your District Event and at least one person at the Fall Summit 2019.  These events are one important way to increase communication.  JoAnn Benseler will mail Starz Award forms to those branches that qualify to apply.  Use these OLD forms to help with planning:  STARZ explanation page and the STARZ Application .

Keep in touch with AAUW by checking to see if your contact information is correct in the Member Services Database.  Having trouble finding National AAUW’s Member Services Database?  Have your member number and password handy, then click here.